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Learn about this Landstar Agency, a Sebring Florida freight broker agency providing trucking transport services for shippers across the United States, Canada and Mexico. I have been in the trucking industry for over 20 years and my wife has been dispatching trucks since 2006. The trucking business for me is just a way of life; the truck drivers are what keep us involved. We have met some of the best truck drivers out there and some of the worst, however most truck drivers are just good hard working people trying to provide for their families.

 We feel, with great customers and great Landstar drivers, a working logistics team can be established creating a smooth operation with minimal complications. Customers will profit from on-time pick-ups and prompt deliveries. Customer relationships are very important to our broker agency and serving their transportation needs is a priority in everything we do.

Each year we continue to improve our agency broker services and create new more efficient ways to satisfy our demanding customer requirements. I have developed new data bases to contain important truck, driver and load details in order to provide proper dispatch information for the Landstar drivers and on a click, be able to provide customers with pertinent data when requested. Landstar corporate has taught us the importance of a complete accurate dispatch when discussing the shipments with our Landstar drivers. In turn, the customers are more pleased when the loads are picked up as planned and the delivery appointments are met.

We are proud of our achievements through the years and strive each day to continually improve our services that customers depend on. Call Moonraker Trucking and Logistics Inc today to begin your quest for greatness and you’ll find the ultimate partnership in trucking to ship your products.