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Logistics Services

What is Logistics?

Logistics is the operation of managing products, trucks, people and many other types of tangible items in a way that organizes and simplifies routes or tracks. Trucking Logistics specifically is managing, routing, dispatching and moving shipments from one place to another in an efficient cost effective way. At least this is my definition of it. Building on this principle every day helps us see better, more cost efficient ways to move truckloads of freight across the country or even across the state. On large shipments requiring many trucks, we analyze the entire schedule, plan routes, calculate miles and calculate the legal hours a driver would need to complete a function. Our job includes locating drivers to make this operation come to reality for road transport. We are picky in who we work with and goes to good reason since not all truck drivers are alike in their attitudes, professionalism or cleanliness for that matter. Each shipment is planned as if it belonged to us. A smooth on schedule shipment makes for a good day in the trucking industry and it keeps your business on schedule as well.

  Needing your freight shipped by Truck, Ship, Plane or by Train, our Landstar agency can handle the job. Regardless if the WEATHER is clear, cloudy, raining, sleeting or snowing, we have drivers, air cargo companies, ocean vessels and rail services available to get the job done. Safe, professional drivers and transportation partners to satisfy your every need when ever and where ever you need them. We are fully capable to handle ALL of your shipping needs including full shipment management and scheduling. With this service we offer, this allows you to handle more important tasks in your business. In turn, we save you money and many hours of valued time.

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